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Supply Chain Solution
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The gaint companies of the world take more and more benefits from supply chain management recent years. New techniques had become a very important way for them to control the chain and add value on every step on the chain. In our point of view, the so called supply chain management techniques are not only useful for the gaints, but for most of the middle or small size businesses as well. As our experience, these techniques are beneficial for the businesses on the aspects below at least:

 Make the co-work more smooth
 Versatile options for marketing
 Reduce storage rate
 Strength anti-risk capability
 Rearrange resources
 Share information

Our experts in WAC department offer you professional analysis and solutions case by case.

   ·Logistics route rebuild
   ·Storage analysis
   ·Distribution cost analysis
   ·Value added planning
   ·Marketing support solution
   ·IT demand analysis
   ·Financial management solution
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